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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Why is church so serious? 
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Picture: Why is church so serious? Cardinal's hat. Twelfth century CE.

The raw materials 
Of risibility are there.

Middle England
In sensible brogues
Arranging flowers by the pulpit.

Bearded priests in pretty dresses.
Prayers for the dead.

Why is church so serious?
Is it because God likes a good laugh?

The best churches
Contain no fewer
Than 0.00037 grams of divine truth
Per plastic smile.

Holy Trinity Brompton has 0.00038
Spiritual excellence must be broadcast.

Why is church so serious?

Is it because
Of the hole in the ozone layer?
Church roofs are expensive.

And Jumble Sales
Lack liturgical focus.

And confession
Is heard in coffee shops.

Why is church so serious?

Is it because
A small proportion of some sermons
Is partially true?

Is it because
A large proportion of all sermons
Is never heard?

Empty pews have no ears.
And ears have legs.

But the Bible is a good read
If you can't get Babes Mag.

Why is church so serious?

Picture: Why is church so serious? Laughing statue.

Images for meditation

>> Go ye into all the world

>> First communion


>> Last communion
>> Healing the sick

>> Preaching the gospel
>> Feeding the widows and orphans
>> Clothing the widows and orphans

>> Welcoming strangers

>> Cleansing the Temple
>> In the world but not of it

>> The great unchurched

>> Enforcing liturgical discipline

>> Embracing interfaith dialogue

>> Remembering the Old Religion

Affirming the divine feminine


>> Denying the holocaust

Father Green awaits the new altar boy

Priestly vocation


>> Catechist at work

Opus Dei arrive for Mass

Sufi Master with disciples

Picture: Why is church so serious? Joking popes.
The theory of substitutionary atonement
An image of salvific fantasy

The Criminal History of The Papacy 1 .. 2 .. 3 
The endemic corruption which has blighted Roman Churchianity for over ten centuries. Tony Bushby writes in Nexus Magazine (2006). These three links connect to pdf files.

Dershowitz silent on absence of Holocaust proof
Alan Dershowitz, the Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard University, has been challenged to provide proof that the popular Zionist narrative about Auschwitz is something other than an expedient fantasy.
Picture: What caused the death of religion?

Picture: Perhaps pleasure is holiness
Picture: Why is church so serious? Cheery vicar.

Picture: Vicar with dog collar. You sound so sexy when you speak in French.

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Blogger Immortal Beloved said...

Nice poem. The pictures were a nice add-on. First communion made me laugh. :-D

12:49 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago, I was in the local thrift store looking for some a jacket.

After I found one, I got into a conversation with the little old ladies that volunteered to work there. It's owned by the local Episcopal church.

In our conversation I brought it up to them that "I have numerous photo's of real ghosts/spirits in broad daylight", on YouTube.

They got extremely flustered with the subject, & hurried me up with my purchase. They really didn't even want to see these pics. Even though, they are, "saved"....

9:26 pm  

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