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Monday, May 26, 2014

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Picture: Statins - the honey in the poison-flower. BigPhama. FatPharma. (2)

Picture: Malaysia Airlines MH370: The fin de siècle BlackOps stunt.

Picture: The Vrillon Transmission. Extraterrestrial TV hijack. UK; Nov 1977.

Picture: The Future Historians' List. Significant names in G7 banking collapse.

Picture: Prospectus for the New Age. A view through the back of the wardrobe.

Picture: #1ab. The archive. Breaking alternative news.

Picture: Traditional Norfolk Koans. Ancient wisdom to quicken the omnipercipient.

Picture: Prayer. Young boy saying his prayers. Prayer is breathing.

Picture: White Spiritual Boy. HSBC Committee of 300 Clown Account. Banksters.

Picture: Illuminati bloodlines. Satanic Circle. The ancient fellowship of evil.

Picture: Global banking crisis? What global banking crisis?

Picture: The Monaco Colloquium & Monaco Accords. August 2011. Jay Rockefeller.

Picture: The opening of Pandora's suitcase. Agenda for disclosure. #1ab.
Picture: Shylock. Universal debt forgiveness. Global debt jubilee imminent.

Picture: JPMorgan Blue Book. The Secret Book of Redemption. Nosferatu hunts.

Picture: UFOs. ETs. Angels. The Higher Evolution.

Picture: NESARA announcements imminent. Bill Clinton. 9-11.

Picture: The Ritalin Conspiracy. No love? No parenting skills?

Picture: Barack Obama's official biography in original 1991 Harvar
d Year Book
Picture: Pallets piled with US dollar bills. The World Global Settlement Funds.
Picture: Greenbelt Festival. The view from the Death Star.

Picture: New Age Children. New Age Powers. Young children; old souls.
Picture: Butterfly meat. There's not a lot of meat on a butterfly.

Picture: Old garden walls. Old garden gate. Small visitors.

Picture: What matters in Jane Austen? New book by John Mullan (UCL) London, UK.

Picture: Extraterrestrial symbols of spiritual protection. Personal portals.

Picture: My name is television. Predatory hands emerging from TV screen.

Picture: Corporate evil, artificial intelligence and cyberform spirituality.

Picture: Our angels the aliens

Picture: A dreamer dreaming. A dream is a portal.

Picture: Is prayer a waste of time?

Picture: The Bilocation of Hillary Clone-Clinton. Camp David Human Clone Labs.

Picture: Bernanke. Gold as money. That which glisters returns to haunt the Fed.

Picture: Why is church so serious? Pope laughing.

Picture: The libraries do not fool us.

Picture: The Vampire as AntiChrist.

Picture: What caused the death of religion?

Picture: European bloodlines face end-time vortex of exposure

Picture: The Art of the New Spirituality
Picture: Meditation - The Direct Encounter (2)
Picture: Perhaps pleasure is holiness (1)
Picture: Emergency chocolate cake pictures (2)

Picture: Platonic relationship with chocolate. Plato with early chocolate bar.

Picture: Living text entity. The Name of the Rose.

Picture: You can pretend. Barbie commits suicide by hanging herself.

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How silly is salvation?

What about ascension?

An emerging spirituality for The New Age of Aquarius
Gospel for the New Age

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